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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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too fast, in the curve? sound familiar from two years ago in philadelphia? new details overnight in the deadly amtrak derailment near seattle, this time, what investigators just announced about the speed of the train, moments before it hit that curve. shot and killed in his own home? the search right now for a killer after a man gunned down with his family just one floor above. and a special honor made twice as nice for kobe bryant, sees not one but two jerseys- raised to the rafters in los angeles. his message to his daughters after the emotional ceremony and message to all kid, i guess good day, everybody, it
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is tuesday, december 19th 2017 , karen hepp and wow, that is just flowers all over the place. >> bursting out all over. alex's off today she's back tomorrow. >> back tomorrow from her overseas trip. lets get right to sue serio. >> that is an over the studio trip. >> wow. >> okay. >> i think you'll like the number, a nine out of 10 today we will get in the 50's this afternoon on this national hard candy day. don't bundle up too much at the bus stop this morning. we have upper 30's but mostly 40's out there as you walk outside the door. maybe a sprinkle or two showing up on ultimate doppler radar berks, chester county, montgomery county, one or two swipes of the wipers, and road are not wet here in olde city, folks are out and about and doing just fine in 43-degree temperatures. southeasterly wind at 6 miles sunrise until 7:18. we have upper 30's in millville, 38 degrees and
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mount pocono but everybody else, basically in the 40's, and normal high temperatures in the 40's for today so we will go well above average with the breezy, milder afternoon, high temperature today, 56 degrees, but don't get used to it, we have got changes on the way, bob kelly, we always do. >> sounds good, good morning everybody. problems on the pennsy turnpike this time around, westbound on pennsylvania turnpike an accident just west of that philadelphia bensalem interchange up here in bucks county, it looks like as we typically see these crashes right at that on ramp from route one to go west on the turnpike. we will see delays heading west out of route one, we will have delays on route one itself in both directions trying to get on to the turnpike there at the philadelphia bensalem interchange, tracto trailer south on the extension an accident just off to the side south of quakertown fatal accident, early this morning rose valley road at school lane in media, delaware county
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, your best bet using mold even road or provident roth but for the gang from new jersey starting to see delays on the freeway, headlights heading toward walt whitman bridge, no problems on i-95 or schuylkill and mass transit so far so good. amtrak 501 emergency, emergency, we are on the ground. we are on the bridge. >> unaudible. >> on the freeway. >> frantic first moments from that amtrak conductor calling for help. it is right after the train derailed yesterday morning in washington state killing three people. new details this morning. the point, well, the speed on that curve possible factor, that does sound familiar, doesn't it the train was traveling 50 miles an hour, more than it should have been in that curve for many here it
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serves as a thrilling reminder of another deadly derailment, two years ago in port richmond >> our lauren johnson has been covering this and joins us with all of the details on this one, lauren. >> reporter: very sad case of deja vu for officials over at amtrak. we saw this here in philadelphia back in 2015, now it is happening again this time, on the other coast. early yesterday morning train 501 on maiden voyage from sat toll portland, authorities reveal the train was going 50 miles faster then it should have been on the stretch of track and there are reports that the train hit something on the track that led to that disaster, amtrak said five crew members were on board alone with roughly 80 passengers, dozens were injured, hospitalized, three killed and two and a half years ago may 2015 an amtrak train derailed after stopping at 30th street station, headed toward new york city, that derailment killed eight people , injured 100 more because train was traveling
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too fast in a curve, at that time, the speed control system was not installed and as a result the positive speed control was installed throughout northeast corridor and amtrak president confirmed this train track did not have that technology in washing ton >> when we got to the scene it was obvious there were fatalities and injuries and some people were able to get off the train. >> just looking at other train cars that were really messed up especially one we landed on when i stepped out i didn't realize i was standing on another train car. >> i'm just wand fairing they did any dry runs on this before the passengers were aboard. >> reporter: to answer her question on friday, dignitaries did do a dry run ahead of the monday's maiden voyage because it was part of the new line, 800 million-dollar was spent in rail improvements meant to create safer quality by eliminating defects, upgrading signals and improving crossing s. in the case of that
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philadelphia crash the engineer brandon bostian is actually due back in court this week. he could be facing criminal charges. as for that accident out in washington it is too early to tell what will happen in that case. authorities do tell us they have not even searched all 13 of the 14 cars that left the track, karen and mike, so that could mean fatalities could rise and that death toll number will increase. >> apparently some of the cars are just so precarious they just say it ties unsafe to go into them. all right. thanks, lauren. also happening in the city of philadelphia, the murder of a 27 year-old man, he was found shot in the basement of his home in overbrook. >> lets get out to steve keeley to explain what we know right now, steve. >> reporter: so often over work homicide team here at headquarters gets cases where people are in their houses watching tv. they hear gunfire outside on the street and they don't see anybody come or go, don't know anything about the murder. rare is it that the people are
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watching tv, right in prime time at 8:00 in their living room on the first floor and gunfire comes from just feet below in their basement. somebody is killed. they don't see anybody come or go. that is what they have here, families at headquarters talking to homicide but not able really at first to tell them much about who shot and killed the 27 year-old son, just a floor below in the basement where he has his bedroom and living area they are up on the first floor, this is a mid block row house on oxford street near 60th in west philadelphia 27 year-old downstairs where he has been living, he obviously has a private entrance to come and go out back and also that is likely how the killer came and went without notice because the family never even knew he had anybody over the house visiting him, they thought he was down there alone. they hear gunfire they go down see him shot several times in the chest on his couch. bullet shells nearby and detectives say family has no idea who want him killed or why. they don't have a motive,
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killer, they don't have much even though they have witnesses just a few feet away , this is a strange case for sure. >> yes, all right, steve, thinks kind of a related story here. a rally this morning for safer streets, bikers and residents will be lined up in a couple of hours to create a human bike lane, gannon 13th and pine streets, the protest comes after another cyclist was struck while riding in an unprotect bike lane last friday. residents are demanding that the mayor and council make concrete commitment so to speak to protecting the people that live here. >> another deadly case where they were hit by a trash truck right there. >> yeah. also a stolen police suv is being used in a whole crime spree and they have a warning for anybody who lives in and around new jersey right new because they are worried about someone pretending to be a trooper. so if you are a concerned about the identity of the state trooper what you need to does call 911.
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the guy went on a spree of three robberies right there they found the suv. >> um-hmm. to rest or not to rest, that is the question, it is a question our coach doug pederson has been hearing a lot lately why he says he is not worried about that
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well, somebody stole a state trooper's suv. you know that by now. and is committing crimes in new jersey. you know that by now. >> well, concern they found the suv but they don't have two uniforms and some of the weapons inside. before they found the suv investigators say a guy went on a crime spree in that vehicle, that was taken from outside trooper's home in middlesex county on sunday and then that suspect went on the spree of three robberies pulling over, robbing a truck driver on the turnpike, and then stopping at a gas station to fill up his tank and took off without paying and then finally pulled over and then robbed a cabdriver who was going near a mall. now they say he didn't use any weapons in those robberies but this has a lot of people very concerned about someone impersonating a trooper. >> it is scary, obviously, you don't always ask a state troop are for their identification when they come up on you or
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something. >> you can do that. here's what the state police is now saying. they have put out this warning for everybody living in new jersey. if you are quote or anybody have any concerns or suspicion about the validity of an officer's identification, call 911 to report the information and seek confirmation about the officer's credentials they will gladly give that to you. >> the question is, in this climate do you stop? try in the stopping and see what happens. >> you might have to stop. >> yeah. >> okay. >> 6:12. here's bob. >> we're stopped on the turnpike all traffic stopped on the westbound lanes on the pennsylvania turnpike, an accident right at the route one philly bensalem interchange we will have more details as we take a live look at philly international, put your tray in the upright position no delays here, hopefully it will be better flying day with all that mess out of atlanta yesterday, sue has the forecast when we come
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right michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is
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experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit 6:15. breaking news we are shut down on the pennsylvania turnpike all westbound lanes are closed , just west of the philadelphia/bensalem interchange. here's a live look near route
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one with the neshaminy mall in the background. this is westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike where an accident typically where those accidents occur they come out of the toll plaza that sharp curve to go west on the turnpike, not sure of any injuries but right now all westbound lanes are closed so what you are seeing now is folks stacked up here on route one obviously not able to get on the turnpike. these folks have been turned around at toll plaza and heading back but it will have a ripple effect. there we go again ripple effect today, not only on route one but route one coming out of langhorne here already jammed into the turnpike to go west. best bet maybe street road working your way over to 611, get on at willow grove, still shot from the turnpike camera again all westbound lanes closed at the philly bensalem interchange. early morning fatal accident about 3:00 this morning rest valley road one of those
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winding road where they don't have streetlights right at school lane, outside media delaware county. providence road is your best bet through the morning. come on down a live look at the freeway headlights toward philadelphia, starting to see some volume, we don't have anything crazy other than the turnpike check with the airport no delays at philly international mass transit looking good, sue, all eyes are on you for santa trip coming our way. >> pressure's on and it does look iffy for weekend we have to say that, couple days away from winter, it is thursday, morning 11:28 is winter solstice and we have temperatures in the 50's forecast today, snowfall so far this season, 7.7 inches, this time last year we had .4 of an inch that we have measured in snowfall, seasonal average is about 22 inches. we have away to go before we get there and it doesn't look like anything but a couple sprinkles out there this morning showing up on radar very widely scattered and probably not amounting to
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anything at all, in fact we are expecting sunshine and we are seeing sunshine on radar, on traffic cameras i should say this morning already in advance of the sunrise, but by tomorrow, we have got a cold front coming through in the morning and that will make things chilly for wednesday and thursday, so get ready to shiver by then. most of our temperatures in the 40's we will get to the mid 50's later today, much chillier tomorrow and especially on thursday, a blustery day back in the 50's on friday and we should reach 60 degrees but we have a chance of rain on saturday shower chance on christmas eve and, on christmas day, karen and mike. >> on christmas day. >> can't wait for christmas day. >> thanks, sue. so things are slowly getting back to normal as the busiest airport in this country and world right now. >> officials new saying a burning cable underground led to sunday's power outage that crippled atlanta's airport power outage led to the grounding and counseling of
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the hundreds of flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded. yet another ripple effect. more than 400 flights were cancelled, the outage could still impact more flights today and tomorrow. if you have travel plans let me be the last to say check with your airline. >> good advice. >> thank you. >> always good advice they recommend that. >> yes. we're making progress in the horrific fires burning out there in southern california. they have half contain. they do not think they will have this fully under control until next year, really sometime next movement hundreds of homes have been destroyed, around ventura and santa barbara, continuing to see destruction and burning there it has been two weeks since this fire started, this is now third largest fire they have had in california's history. well, it is big day down in d.c. president trump and a lot of republicans are ready to go, g.o.p. tax overhaul
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bill will begin to make its way through the house later this morning, the senate could give its final sign off later today or early tomorrow morning more likely, and not a single democrat supports the tax overhaul bill arguing the wealthy in this country will receive the biggest cuts. the measure keeps seven tax brackets brings corporate tax rates dunn to 21 percent from 35, and repeals the affordable care act's individual man date there is a republican on the fence, jeff flake of arizona. kobe's big night got a little emotional, too when he started to talk to his daughters after the lakers retired not one but two of his jerseys. so many, everybody you know was there we will have more coming right up. dunkin' sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back.
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eagles have a chance to clinch home field advantage on saturday if the vikings lose to the packers but doug pederson does in the want to rely on someone else. >> my mind set is all about
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the oakland raiders, monday night football and if we win that one and like i said pretty much these last few weeks we control our destiny right new. >> flyers/kings last night philadelphia down two-one in the third adrian campy out of the box, at cyst from dustin brown, kings up three-one. flyers cannot hold honor answer they fall four-one snapping their six game winning streak. >> six in a row after not winning for 10, i think we have to look at the positive and stop this at a one game loss and move on to the next game. i don't think we need to hang our head too low here. >> sixers/bulls second left philadelphia trying to tie ben simmons the shot doesn't go no foul called, sixers fall 117- 115. that is sports in a minute i'm kristin rodgers. >> sixers need to figure out how to win those close games. the bulls are not a good team. they have had a good streak lately. come on. >> that is what always happens
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, final minutes. >> all right. >> one of the greatest nba stars of all time has not one but two numbers retired last night. >> so cool, lower merion's own kobe bryant, we love him, lakers honored him by retiring number eight and number 24 jersey during half time of the game playing warriors. he wore both numbers during his 20 year career with the team and he ended up with a message for the next generation. >> those times when you get up early, you work hard, those times when you stay up late and work hard these times when you dent feel like working too tired don't want to push yourself but you do it anyway, that is actually the dream. that is the dream. it is not the destination but the journey. thank you so much. i love you. mamba out. >> it is not the destination it is journey. >> it is the journey. >> kobe's first player in nba history to play at least 20
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seasons with the single franchise and led lakers to five nba champion ships. lets get into this number thing. >> so kobe wore number 24 to start his high school career, number near and dear to his heart right there on his chest and then switched to 33 when drafted, 33 was, retired kareem abdul jabber's number so he could not use that. twenty-four was already taken. he had to choose eight, it is a nice, infinity, upright, to start his career and then he number one, four, three together and he wore 143 in his adidas cam in high school. >> adidas he put one and four and three together and then wore the number 143. it was big across his chest and his back. >> is that true. >> yes. >> add it all together and we have eight. >> the number he wanted was 24 because he had played. >> we have a little numbers,
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so it all work out for him playing 20 fabulous years. >> my favorite number is 11, is what yours. >> eight. >> is it eight. >> yes, infinity. >> upside down, sideways and falling over. >> yes. >> or infinity uprighted. >> yes. >> right, sue. >> right, now we have number nine, number nine, number nine , it is today's number. we have green on radar but doesn't amount to anything we will tell but the fabulous 50 's in store for today and give you a preview of the weekend coming up, lauren. good morning, sue, it is happening again amtrak dealing with another deadly derailment and we are hearing more about positive train control, all that coming u
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amtrak train was going more than twice the speed limit when it derailed near sat about this time. situation anotherly similar to what happened here in port richmond two years ago. what would you do? this woman not once, not twice , but three times, someone stole her hand made holiday decorations, she had them bolted down. not like she just put them outside. it has ruined her holiday spirit those grinches out there in action. >> almost seems personal at this point. a former philly in the holiday mood, the huge gift, cole
6:31 am
hamels and his wife are donate to go charities, wow. you might want, you know by now, it is a gigantic mansion in the middle of the state of missouri. why in the world would a california dude build a huge house in missouri. on the lake of the z ozarks. >> i bothed on table rock lake many times in my life. you have the answer to your question. >> i have an answer that is why i posed it, it is not. >> we have a problem on the pennsylvania turnpike, sky fox is live over the scene of this accident. i just her from the turnpike and they said all westbound lanes closed, for over an hour now, so i'm looking at this for the first time just as you are. this is westbound just west of the philadelphia bensalem interchange right where route
6:32 am
one comes into play, neshaminy mall, so traffic heading west right now it looks like it involves this tractor trailer. there is at lee one car, another car here few other vehicles and when they say shut down for an hour right out of the gate that is not good news. but all westbound lanes closed now we have another truck, two more trucks three trucks all involved here with a number of vehicles. this is a tough interchange because everybody gets on at philadelphia, and you quickly, folks quickly try to go over to that left lane as they try to head west and then they have the big rigs coming from new jersey, go ahead, you you can pull back out, live look, closure scene westbound, there is on ramp, okay, and this is, sometimes we see overturned tractor trailer here. so this whiffle a come minute necessity effect on commuters, in been sale he will trying to get out of northeast philadelphia with all westbound lanes closed, we're
6:33 am
at lee seeing an hour. lets go to my maps. i will show you quick alternates there, is grid lock from the ground shot. is there one of our camera kind of looking at the accident scene. is there the stretch closed from philadelphia over to willow grove, your alternate is not an easy one street road all the way over to 611 coming in from new jersey over that turnpike connection bridge and may want to go down i-95 and work your way through city to get back on the turnpike but sue, we will have an update from sky fox and forecast for today looking good. >> slow go out there on that road but weather will not get in your way. we have a nine out of 10 your weather number great today but bus stop buddy, big pile of hard candy, to, national hard candy day but not too bundle up. you need a jacket. most of the temperatures in the 40's. we have green showing up on radar up there in the lehigh valley and maybe a sprinkle or two but it hasn't been a big
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deal. road dry here in philadelphia, 43 degrees. we have to wait until 7:18 for the sunrise. temperatures mostly in the 40 's. we have 38 in millville and mount pocono but heading to a high of 56 degrees, breezy, milder afternoon, we will not stay in the 50's we will talk about a temperature roller coaster ride in the seven day forecast, back to you. >> look at the headline, best view instead of the spoken, deja vu, that is a good way to put it. yeah, too fast in the curve. that does sound familiar from two years ago. new details emerging about yesterday's deadly train derailment, this is a live look out from washington state in between salt, tacoma, the train was heading to portland. we are learning speed may have played a role in this one amtrak train was traveling 80 miles an hour as you hit the curve when it should have been going less than 30 miles
6:35 am
an hour in that particular zone. >> as we were taking a live look out through can see a very active investigation clearly lauren johnson and we can see the giant cranes out there what have we learn right now, lauren. >> reporter: you remember this karen ptc, positive train control we heard about that in philadelphia after an amtrak crash here back in may 2015 and we're hearing about it yet again. amtrak train derailed on monday in washington state killing three injuring dozens more, and it was not using a congressman dated safety technology that could have prevented the disaster. amtrak president confirmed the technology was not in use on the stretch of track, system designed to automatically stop a train before an accident occurs, it uses gps to monitor train location and it activates the brakes if the train exceed speed limit to ensure no collisions between trains, two and a half years ago may 2015 amtrak train
6:36 am
derailed after stopping at 30th street station and heading toward new york city. that derailment killed eight people injured 100 more because train was traveling too fast in the curve at that time the speed control system was not inn stalled. >> my conscious started shaking really really badly and then, you know, things were falling off the shelf. >> ptc would prevent types of accidents such as this. whether it would have prevent ed this accident remains to be seen. we should remember ptc cannot prevent every accident. >> that investigation will determine what could have happened here as investigatrs look more in the crash, sadly they are expect to go find more victims they have not searched all 13 real cars involved or 14 cars involved 13 of them did in fact leave the track, technology decide it it was a real scary situation for so many people they describe hearing the
6:37 am
screech, hearing metal clash and then complete silence before screams rang out on interstate five. people said they knew they were save they jumped out of their cars karen and mike to help pull people out of that train. >> we saw trains and tractor trail their was crushed by the trains because it was busy, the commute there on highway five. >> it was their morning rush hour and then that train came falling on to the head of the vehicles driving because low crashing through their roofs. >> believe it or not nobody in cars or trucks were killed. everybody that who their life was on the train. >> police are searching for a suspect after a homicide in overbrook a 27 year-old man was found shot to death in his basement. >> oddly there were people in the home when they occur. they heard it. he they knew something went wrong. lets get out to steve keeley to explain it. steve. >> reporter: so often we are standing outside police headquarters to report on a killing that happen in the dark overnight without any witnesses around. this is just the opposite, it
6:38 am
wasn't people that were asleep they were wide wake watching prime time tv in the row house here just past eight, new killing in philadelphia just 10 hours old. this family is in the living room, and kitchen, and the rest of the family only a 27 year-old sonnies just feet below in the basement that is where he kept his room as a grown child wanting some privacy had private entrance and that is what the killer came and went out on of without notice. they told police the family that is they didn't know any within else was down there until they hear gunshots. >> based on ballistics evidence we know that the shots were fired inside the basement, and that is where the 27 year-old male lives and that is his bedroom, we have several spent shell casings in the basement in close proximity to where victim's body was found so it appears that the shooter was in close proximity to the victim inside the basement, we have no motive or known description of the shoot are or shooters at
6:39 am
this time. >> family's house real close to lankanol hospital police get there right away, they get him in their car get him into lankenau's emergency room but several shots fired, point blank, and he didn't stand a chance, pronounced dead within a half an hour of the family hearing gunshots, karen and mike, family brought here to headquarters to help homicide detectives figure out who their mystery house guest was turned murderer who came and went without them even seeing. >> wow. >> hopefully we will figure who it is. 6:39. so there is a woman who has holiday spirit and she decorates every single who day as she goes all out but someone else goes all out thieves who come in and steel stuff thaw worked so hard to put out there and make the neighborhood look great. it happened not once but not twice but three times in just two years. >> security camera you can tell there caught this 1100
6:40 am
block of fits gerald. you see thief and look out working together this happens just before dawn. this one was december 9th. one guy used wire cut tours cut decorations from the house so, they say in about 2015 thieves stole her outdoor halloween decorations in the same location and then two months later swiped her christmas display, what is going on. >> it is terrible. ruin someone's christmas. it takes everybody out of you. next year i will in the do anything. >> reporter: no more decorations. >> no, not just for someone to take them. terrible. >> reporter: stole your christmas spirit. >> yeah, really did. >> you can tell there the video shows the thief spent american three minutes in front of the her house, and stealing the decorations, they are out there for a while. >> you can just see disappoint
6:41 am
ment in her voice and her face and just try so hard. >> my goodness. >> that is a disappointing story, now we have great story who does us proud each and every other time we love him that would be cole hamels. >> he has given back in a big time, bigger then anybody i know, he and his wife heidi donating 32,000 square foot mansion in missouri to charity it is worth 9.75 million-dollar, just call it 10 million but instead of selling it they will give to it a non-profit to help families with people with special need. >> here's my why would they be building a huge house in the state of missouri near table rock lake in the lake of the o zarks. >> look at the garages on the right. >> holy molly. >> that must be 32,000 square feet that cannot be 3200. >> it is 32 you this square feet. >> it is on a hundred acres.
6:42 am
>> what? >> yeah hundred acres. his wife heidi, is from the town. >> neat. >> called buffalo, missouri. >> you probably know this better than i, how far is texas from missouri. >> well, it depends on how far missouri is where you are trying to get to mississippi sure i. just down there in the southern part around springfield and from dallas where they live, probably take four hours, five hours. >> that is nothing in texas time, just hop in the car and drive 10 hours. >> you can drive 260 miles an hour. some speed limits are 80 miles an hour. >> true. >> i think heidi's starting to try to be a country singer. >> i wish her luck. >> yes. >> good people. marist college, the alumni of bill o'reilly mart put out most annoying word and phrases of 2017. number five told you a while
6:43 am
ago, do you know what i mean? you ever have somebody talk and say you know what i mean about 16 times in the sentence >> it is a verbal crutch. >> we will get through the top four that i have in the revealed but i'm saying number one is so on point it drives me nuts. >> i'm not a fan of on point also by the way. >> put that at number six. >> okay, on point. >> get on twitter fish face. >> i haven't seen the list. fun to see them with you. >> use the #fox 29 good day is what most
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all westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike are closed, here's a live look from sky fox we are able to see the whole scenario where it involves three cars, two trucks and one of these tan come tractor trailers all happening in the last half an hour, westbound at route one philadelphia bensalem interchange. right now turnpike officials say at lee for an hour all westbound lanes are closed, a mangled mess here and as we pull out this is that busy interchange, with route one at neshaminy mall we have car dealership is here and we will show you nothing but brake lights and headlights, all jammo up here in bensalem, and there is not really an easy way to get around it. lets get to the maps getting ready to head out front door
6:47 am
at least you know not to head that way, licensing commute all the way out street road, over to 611. that will get you back on at willow grove, of course, everybody in the neighborhood they all know their shortcuts when something like this happens. if you every watching from new jersey and typically come over the connection bridge, bam, you will drive right into the close another so use 95 and split north or south and then again eventually depending upon where you go working your way back to willow grove. live ground shot a lot of confusion and u turns at philadelphia bensalem interchange where all westbound lanes closed on the pennsylvania turnpike from philly bensalem over to willow grove. burlington bristol bridge opening in the middle there at the moment. best, ho, ho, ho in delco check out this guy's house. when we saw it, it looked like a cool cape may cottage. here's a shot from the weekend when we had to some snow.
6:48 am
we have facebook, twitter, instagram use that #fox 29 lights contest so i can pick a house and broadcast live from your front lawn this coming thursday night, maybe mike will come. do you want to go. >> load up the news van sue has the forecast in 15. high pressure building in giving us a milder afternoon then we had yesterday but right behind it, it is a cold front so things will feel different tomorrow then they will today so enjoy temperatures in the 50's we have action on ultimate doppler nothing much to look at and maybe a sprinkle or two but all about temperatures that are a bit milder then yesterday, pottstown 45 degrees, easton is 40, this
6:49 am
morning, and we have got 44 degrees in glassboro new jersey and fortecoup at 42 that rhymed right there, middletown delaware, 42. bethenny beach is chillier 36 degrees with a sea breeze. fifty-six today. chillier 45 degrees tomorrow. blustery day on thursday high of only 41. but then we will head back in the 50's on friday. sixty on saturday but chance of showers on christmas eve and on christmas day with a cold front coming through so things will get chillier and then we will be in the chilly weather pattern probably week between christmas and new years. so maybe karen and mike you need to ask for an umbrella from santa. >> good one, nice happy spot. >> thanks, suey feel like busting into song, sue. >> please do it will go on. >> near and far where ever you are. >> near, by, where ever you are.
6:50 am
>> anyway. >> that was it will merman. believe it or not that titanic movie is 20 years old, 20 years ago, here we go. >> ♪ >> i'm flying, jack. >> oh, god. >> we love that, i'm flying. >> oh, jack. they won 11 academy award, grossed over $2 billion and i think for a week they will re release it, into movie theaters that within fun, so many people haven't seen it, 20 years old. >> yes. >> it just holds up to the test of time. >> young people watching out there have never seen it in the theater, only in their homes. >> when you do a re-creation. >> that is right, we will recreate it twice to date final scene where jack slips
6:51 am
away. >> yeah. >> that one we will recreate that one here. hold on to my jack. >> you and alex already did it >> well, they don't need to do that. >> i thought they were doing that here. >> do you remember that time, lets take a look. >> lets take a look. >> jack, jack. >> alex, is what your name. >> rose. >> what are you doing. >> do i need to close my eyes. >> just trust me, sorry, i have a cold. there is a lot of icebergs. >> i'm scared. >> trust me, rose. >> jack, we're flying. >> don't throw me off the boat jack. >> oh, no, that is not how this movie ends, no.
6:52 am
>> i love everything about it. i love the horrible wig and creepiness factor that was good. >> probably lose my job, trust me. disney opens up its revamped haul off presidents, you talk about creepy, so they will open this attraction later today and for the first time it will feature president trump but the version of the president is not exactly getting rave reviews. when i show it to you after úlooks like because it doesn't look like donald trump. >> like another celebrity. >> yes but not
6:53 am
michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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war parts of drinking alcohol. >> how lousy you feel next day >> yes. >> hang over. scientists are working on a synthetic alcohol that keeps the hang over to a minimum. >> lead scientists a professor get ready, david nut. >> nut. >> says two formulas are tested for public consumption and calls this a synthetic alcohol and he thinks it will be out there in 10 or 20 years to completely replace regular alcohol he predicts. he created a trademark calling it alcohol sinth, it will do
6:56 am
to alcohol what e cigarettes did to tobacco based cigarettes. it sounds too good to be true. >> it will kill movie franchise the hang over. >> well, thanks for can go there of all things but if it will save your liver because it will drink forever. >> i'm out of luck. >> yes. >> he is a professor, right. >> yes. >> his last name is nut. >> so he would be the nutty professor. >> nutty professor. >> good one. >> here's bob. >> good morning everybody. updating live, from sky fox we're looking at close another of the pennsylvania turnpike all westbound lanes, are closed, at the philadelphia bensalem interchange, this is causing grid lock, not only at bensalem but all the way back into new jersey we will have details, and
6:57 am
♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me... ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets, 6 match 6 chances, ♪ ♪ 5 cash 5s! 4 cash4lifes, ♪ ♪ 3 pick 3s, 2 mega millions. ♪ happy holidays, rita! thanks, joe! what a great gift! pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts. like the new merry millions.
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happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery. ♪
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what caused these amtrak cars to fly off the track near seattle, killing at least three and injuring 100 others what role did speed play in the crash. yes, crash brings back painful memories, from the deadly derailment in 2015. are our nation's railroads
7:00 am
safe what can be done to prevent these accidents. well, day republicans have been waiting for the house begins vote to go day on a massive tax overhaul, but, it will be close. do they have enough votes? we're live on capitol hill. and doug's dilemma. >> we have a great opportunity , men. >> eagles are close to locking up home field advantage through the playoffs so is it time to start thinking about resting the starters. why the coach says, he is not worried about that just yet. can't rest starters until we have home field advantage throughout playoffs that is for sure, we need minnesota to lose on sunday but they will probably not going to. we will get into sports in a second. it is tuesday, the december 19th 2017. why am i talking so fast. >> because you want to get to the traffic report. >> that is exactly right. >> buckle


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